The boy’s story


It was 9:15 in the morning while I heard an Ambulance onshore. I was sad about last night. My girlfriend had seen me while I was kissing another girl. Tears ran down her cheek while she ran out. I haven't seen her since last night, I miss her and I know I messed up. If she comes back I have to talk to her. Know It's time to eat something. I walked down through the corridors. The ship sways from left to right while I walk to the breakfast area. I haven’t eaten much, maybe because of my headache. I quickly run to my room and search for some Aspirin pills, but I can’t find them. Suppressed I fall into the bed to sleep a bit. With a glance towards the desk I see a letter. It is a letter from her. I take the letter and make my way to the front of the ship, where are a lot of sunbathers. While I sit down, I begin to read. She wrote about our relationship, her feelings towards me and that I'm a real asshole. I feel tears in my eyes and tell myself to be strong, but I can’t. My heart hurts as I think about the dreamy days with her. A few moments later I realize that she still must be on the ship. I know I have to talk with her about the situation and tell her that I'm sorry. I run through all the rooms, but I can’t find her. Disappointed I go back to my room. On the way I see her on her way out of another room with another boy hand in hand and I know I'm no longer part of her life.