A Fast way to group with people that share the same interest

I'm working on this project for a very long time now. I'm the co-creator and partner of M8FINDER and really proud about what we have done so far. It will change the industry in thinking how social media should be done and will bring people back to meet in real life.

M8FINDER is in first place an app where you can search for other people with the same interest. So you share playing tennis with someone, we got you. But it is even more! Imagine you want to play tennis this weekend, none of your friends got time and you don't want to stay at home alone; now go to M8FINDER and create a new activity, fill in the requirements and wait for someone that shares that interest and get matched!

Tennis was an example I use very often here (because I play it) but M8FINDER can be used for so much more. At the very beginning we just focused on gaming and thought about a way people that play the same game could get together. After a few months we realized IT IS much more, and we developed it in a more global/general way. No you can not even search for someone to play Counter Strike with you, you can even filter those and see a map with activities and events around you (If you want but just try it out).

M8FINDER is not LIVE yet but will come to your app store near you soon. Stay tuned!

Here a some images, screenshots and previews: