Community project with over 200 members

Back in the days I started a community project with Till where we tried to create a community that combines multiple game and different people together, some will say that this was the beginning of M8FINDER.

My job was to cordinate the development of the website. The first year I did it by myself and optimized it more and more for our needs. But soon I saw that this takes too much time, so we asked one from our community which was soon in my team to improve the website with me together.

Besides making the website even better and better, I have been at most of the community meetings every week and also created several internal tools like a CRM where we stored all our members.

Interesting is the fact that the user database CRM was started as a side project but soon got so powerful that we thought about commercializing it but rejected it, sadly (maybe someday I will come back to that). The main features where: users from the forum, all servers and the TeamSpeak3 server with actions to mute, ban, kick, approve or group them. Also some features for severs where available.

At the end, inFluxe Gaming or how it was previously name TeamGeForce, got over 200 active members and a huge website and server (mostly Counter Strike: Source) presence. Why it was closed/cancelled? Simply we had not enough time while going to school and preparing for life, but we often feel to start some kind of that again someday!

If you want to see a demo, it is not possible at the moment but I'm working on it.

Website screenshots

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