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5.6.0 (2020-04-06)


  • add note for gradient plugin (fa63823)
  • bypass adblockers by using sa. DNS (87c8442)
  • remove stale action (63ee4b5)
  • update lefthook command (ca8078c)

5.5.0 (2020-03-10)


  • add line highlighting to GH issue file link (c765aab)
  • only run lint on PR (439b502)
  • replace indexOf with includes (b69adfa)
  • update GH actions (f7cf33d)
  • update timeline line center (2249727)

Bug Fixes

  • first run to fix jumping overlay (9f8dcd3)
  • lightbox issue on mobile and new use-window logic (078042c)
  • overlay wasn't render properly and caused flickering (eef4380)
  • wrong Issue file url (4eb588d)

5.4.0 (2020-03-05)


  • add a11y landmarks (49bb02c)
  • add better text align to figure (5c5bf94)
  • add fixed height to portfolio image (ea81072)
  • add new github actions (0a88a60)
  • add normalize-url as ast plugin (0b25a12)
  • add webpack define env (676b0c3)
  • added awards page (7c4a148)
  • added breadcrump slug overrides (ce2f4ff)
  • added descriptions to issues and changelog page (bde6da2)
  • added education and experience content (a311582)
  • added experience and education pages (9d1acfd)
  • added experience and education pages (72487c9)
  • added preview image to additive-gallery (7b20f84)
  • added react-axe and budle-stats (d2be877)
  • added styled plyr player with lazy loading (d1592db)
  • added token parser to code (279dc9d)
  • added webpack bundle analyzer and bundle-stats (7cea1da)
  • do not do a rebuild before release (f27b7b3)
  • fix footer alignments (5e89c98)
  • improved lightbox (acc1825), closes #15
  • made showcase more readable (3ff2297)
  • re-add analytics menu (17db1bb)
  • remove normalize-url from link script and handle it elsewhere (60928fa)
  • remove styled player (0e72761)
  • single page prop fixes (2505880)
  • update issues page (e94dfe1)
  • update own source plugin (e4b99ce)
  • update scroll to top with better logic (a2d506b)
  • update sketch file (3a8edda)
  • updated credits packages with links (f900b80)
  • updated icons to use react-icons (24b333b)
  • updated issue page styles (eeb5323)
  • updated navigation with react spring (e6a8271)
  • updated projects (6684199)
  • use double quotes for SCSS files (e8eae31)

Bug Fixes

  • element can not be wrapped in p tags (c35f633)
  • element link wrong way of defining class (69bece0)
  • eslint wasn't working (cc98734)
  • issue with actions (2f7124a)
  • node_modules was included in eslint (6783bf4)
  • prevent issues with package version (98db577)
  • wrong keyword and description on pages (31c852f)

5.3.0 (2020-02-14)


  • allow parallel lefthook execution (db31958)
  • parallel linting and format new workflow (deee88d)
  • remove duplicate templates (bd3a4bb)
  • update uptime banner (23e1aed)
  • uptime status url update (79ee28a)

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot query field (31ae632)
  • wrong commit message in release-it (84cbb36)

5.2.0 (2020-02-12)


Bug Fixes

  • commit lint issue with new release commit title (23a09cb)
  • eslint lefthook issues and eslint issues (bb49044)
  • hidden content not clear enough on mobile devices (9c03e13), closes #18
  • issue with anchor links overflowing headlines (f9a9fcd)
  • more eslint issues (6422cae)
  • now deployment fails because of cache? (a2c47d1)

5.1.0 (2020-02-09)


Bug Fixes

  • body horrizontal scroll (ad60de4)
  • code blocks breaks weird on mobile (6e6f60c), closes #17
  • remove lefthook postinstall (8e5e27d)
  • wrong declared lefthook runner (bedb688)

5.0.0 (2020-02-05)


  • replaced npm with pnpm


  • add a11y emoji plugin (51a9999)
  • add support for inter variable font (e757c71), closes #27
  • added lefthook and commitlint (9d58e8e)
  • rebuild the breadcrumb component (c3c446d)
  • update postcss plugin (73de27e)
  • updated todo page (now issues) (afaeb88), closes #12 #14
  • use new release it preset (7f279e0)

Bug Fixes

  • missing comma in gatsby config (55fc614)
  • pnpm plugin now resolve all node modules (cb9ce7a), closes #40
  • pnpm stuff (2a896fd)


  • version and changelog changes (d383a11)

Build System

4.5.0 (2020-02-04)

  • Added overlay HOC and new lightbox component (f0864ad)
  • Blockquote responsive update (7d2f6ac)
  • Bujmp version (bceef08)
  • Dep update (af0a952)
  • Empty source fix (b850561)
  • First attempt for toast that shows on SW update (6201756)
  • Fix lighthouse export path and other things (476e6e5)
  • Fix normalized url bug which caused safari to crash (01452c7)
  • Fix overflowing breadcrumb and added overlay to nav (1ae90bf)
  • Fix page name issue with css (e961ed0)
  • Fix theme switch issue on safari (16550b3)
  • Fixed some major things (2c50c8a)
  • Going public! (be58360)
  • Increased version and updated changelog (5ac0d76)
  • Make text visible again haha (2f2ad0a)
  • Minor fixes, removed unsued stuff and housekeeping (78ccb00)
  • Moved hide content style to stylesheet (e2348ef)
  • Remove note for not published nodes (a6f21ba)
  • Removed remark for MDX and housekeeping (a582121)
  • SITE_URL fix and NGINX update (fc396f0)
  • Update font (acf0feb)
  • Update my age component to be more fancy (222709a)
  • Update SW (0ba0c46)
  • Updated changelog (a6dd27e)
  • Updated changelog (c214eae)
  • Updated deps (9d08edc)
  • Updated hero spacing (037f3f8)
  • Updated hide content to break long string (afecf44)
  • Updated responsive anchor (1c1cfa2)

3.14.0 (2020-02-02)

  • Fix "window is not defined" in component (e7389a7)
  • Huuge update (c134958)
  • Recreated all icons to have a strict size (47668be)
  • Updated logo (51afb49)

3.11.0 (2020-01-22)

3.8.2 (2020-01-21)

3.8.1 (2020-01-21)